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  • Fuel Sender - Reed Switch 11"

Fuel Sender - Reed Switch 11"


11"Long  - Reed Switch Fuel Sending unit, std. SAE 5 hole sender. (2 wire applications only) For years all of the older ski boats used a "swing-arm" style sender that used a "wiper" style open contact that literally moved a contact against a tiny wrap of copper wire windings. These lasted 20+ years in most cases as the construction was pretty good. I am finding replacement swing arm senders to be of inferior quality and not built nearly as robust as the units built 20 years ago, (surprise??) Our shop has installed new replacement name brand swing arm style senders into boats that did not make a year in service before they began to fail. The Reed style sender is a direct replacement for the swing arm style without the mechanical contact over open windings. The float moves up & down and magnetically opens /closes reed switches contained inside a stainless sealed tube, fuel sloshing will not affect the switches. Our shop will only replace with this reed style sender and expect another 20+ years of service from this style sender.

NOTE: You MUST use a sender that is  shorter than your tank depth. You DO NOT want the sender resting on the bottom of the tank! 

9" deep tank order 8" sender,  10" deep tank order 9" sender,  11" deep tank order 10" sender  etc.....

Sender is made from 316 Stainless Steel, comes with nitrile gasket and (5) new screws with gaskets.  Does Not replace a 3 wire sender used in some MasterCrafts with the Medallion Gauge system

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Fuel Sender - Reed Switch 11"

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