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Advance "Sweeps" Aft Hull Decal - PORT
88-89 A/S Advance "Sweeps" Decal on the hull side aft, includes the small advance shield logo and th..
Advance "Sweeps" aft Hull decals-STB
  1988-89 A/S Advance "Sweeps" decal on the hull side, aft, includes the small Advance shiel..
Decal  "American Skier"  Transom Slant Block BLACK
Decal - "American Skier" For Late Model (1988+) American Skiers, this decal was used on the tran..
"COMPETITION SKI BOAT" Decal, used on American SKier transoms. 26" long, 1 1/2" high Color: Black..
NOTE: Picture shown is Black, this listing is for the WHITE version COMPETITION SKI BOAT" Decal..
Black ADVANCE Decal, measures 10.5" long x 1.5" high. ..
Decal - ADVANCE Shield (Small)
Small "ADVANCE Shield" logo 4 color OEM quality decal measure 6" x 3" Used on Advance Hull sides ..
Decal - American Skier -Small
Decal - American Skier,  Small (Not used as a hull side or transom decal) We used these mainly ..
Decal - AWSA Approved For Record Capability Tournaments
Decal - AWSA APPROVED For Record Capability Tournaments Color: Wihite Dimensions: 12" x 1.5" o..
Decal - DECO Flamingo Port Side
OEM Reproduction of the "DECO Edition" American Skier, this decal is the Deco Flamingo Port Side ..
Decal - DECO Flamingo Stb Side
OEM Reproduction of the "DECO Edition" American Skier, this decal is the Deco Flamingo Starboard Sid..
Decal - Lazer
Decal - "Lazer" Used on late American Skier 19' Hull Sides  Color: Black Dimensions: 27.7..
Decal - LEGEND Left Slant
"LEGEND" decal for American Skier legend models. Measures approx. 9" long x 2 1/4" High in White, th..
Decal - LEGEND Right Slant
American Skier "LEGEND" Decal, measures approx. 9" long, 2 1/4" high  in WHITE -  RIGHT SL..
Decal - Ski Boat Extraordinare - Black
Decal - "Ski Boat Extraordinaire"  Used on late model American Skiers Color: Black Dimens..
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