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Underwater Hardware

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Packing,  Teflon
Teflon Packing material, replaces the older graphite packing. This is used on all American Skie..
Packing, GFO / GFU
GFO- or- GFU  1/4" packing material, this is the "Gore + Teflon+ Graphite" Extreme packing seal..
This is the "Rounded Style" rudder used on many American Skiers and Mastercrafts. This is an America..
Rudder Port - 1.125"
Replacement Rudder Port for A/S boats, will fit many other ski boats  that use 1 1/8" rudder po..
Rudder Port - O-Ring
This is the most common O-Ring found in rudder ports with 1 1/8" rudder posts.  ..
Rudder Port Wear Bushing
  Many Ski boats using the SEF rudder ports built in the late 1980's and early 1990's used a..
Rudder Port Wear Bushing - SHORT
Rudder Port Wear Bushing found on SEF 1102 Rudder Ports, this is the Short bushing: ID: 1 1/8"&nb..
Setscrew - Stainless 1/4"
Small Stainless Steel setscrew used in most struts to keep strut bearings in place and some rudder p..
Shaft  1"  40-50" Custom
1" diameter custom length drive shafts up to 50" long, with prop nut, 4" B/W coupling attached loose..
Shaft  1.125" x  50-60" Custom
1.125" (1 1/8")  diameter custom length drive shafts 50-60" long, with prop nut, 4" or 5"&nbs..
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Shaft - 1 x 48
1" Diameter  x 48" long  Prop Shaft, double taper, with taper coupling (4" B/W pattern) in..
Shaft - 1.125 x 46.5
Prop Shaft with Coupling, nut, cotter pin, keyway. Used on most 1996+ model American Skiers. Diam..
Shaft 1"  50-60" Custom
1" diameter custom length drive shafts 50" to 60"  long, with prop nut, 4" B/W coupling attac..
Shaft Log - Aluminum
Aluminum Shaft log, All AmSkiers and many other ski boats fiberglass these shaft logs into the hull ..
Shaft Log - Flange Style
Aluminum 3-Hole Flange style Shaft Log, uses 1 3/4" hose to connect to the shaft seal or stuffing bo..
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