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Cable End - Pivot
Brass cable end with new brass cotter pin, used on many Ski Boats, older ski boats will find th..
Cable, Throttle / Shift - 17'
Throttle -or- Shift Cable 17 Foot, Common cable length on ski boats (Used on A/S ADVANCE Models) . T..
Cable, Throttle / Shift -18'
Throttle -or- Shift Cable 18 Foot, common cable length on ski boats. This is the UFLEX C8 Premium ca..
Cable, Throttle/Shift -16'
Throttle -or- Shift Cable, 16' common cable on ski boats. This is the UFEX C8 Premium cable OEM r..
Cotter Pin - Small Brass
This is the replacement Brass cotter pin that is used with the Brass Pivots (cable ends) used on mos..
MV-3 Control
Current replacement throttle/shift control for typical ski boat applications with cable shift/thrott..
Steering  Cable 17' -  QC
17'  Teleflex (Now Seastar) Steering cable for Rotary steering systems (Most all American ..
Steering - Long Post Clamp Block Kit
Un-common part, but used on older American Skiers, this is the LONG POST clamp block kit, (shor..
Steering - QC Adapter
Steering QC Adapter, Used to upgrade the older rotary steering systems to allow the new, current rep..
Steering Cable - 18' - Rack
TFXTREME  18' Teleflex (Now called Seastar) Rack steering cable (SSC154xxx).  List Price $..
Steering Cable -20'- Rack
TFXTREME Premium Rack Steering Cable -  20'  (SSC15series is the premium TFXTREME Cable) ..
Steering Cable 16' - QC
16' Teleflex (Now Seastar) Steering cable for Rotary steering systems (found in older MasterCrafts..
Steering Cable 18' - QC
18'  Teleflex (Now Seastar) Steering cable for Rotary steering systems (Most all America..
Steering Cable w/ Helm Kit 18'
   18' Safe-T Rotary Steering Cable with std. Helm, bezel, Mounting Hardware (no steering ..
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