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Electrical Parts

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Accessory Outlet
Accessory Outlet (Not to be used as a cigarette lighter) 12Volt with protective cap ..
48" LED Replacement All-Around Light Pole (AKA Stern Light) Fits most bases using pin connectors. (d..
Antenna - Rubber Duck
Am/FM marine Stereo Antenna "Rubber Duck" flexible deck mount or side mount antenna ..
Automatic Bilge Pump - Johnson Ultima 800 GPH
This is a Johnson Pump "Ultima" 800 GPH Automatic Bilge Pump with (2) 3/4"  discharge fittings,..
Battery Cable - Black
Genuine Anchor Marine #2 Battery Cable, fine strand, Tin coated, custom made with Marine lugs hydrau..
Battery Cable - Red
Genuine Anchor Marine #2 Battery cable, fine strand, Tin coated, custom made with Marine lugs hydral..
Battery Tie Down Strap
The standard battery strap is 1" wide and barely does the job. This is what we use here now to secur..
Blower 3" Inline
Attwood 3" Turbo In-line Blower ABYC-H2,  NMMA type accepted, USCG ignition Protected ..
Blower 4" Inline
Rule 4" Inline Marine blower ABYC-H2, NMMA type rated, USCG Ignition Protected ..
Breaker - 10 Amp Black
This 10 Amp breaker is typically used for the horn circuit on early A/S boats and is found next to t..
Breaker - 15 Amp Black
This 15 Amp (Black button) breaker is typically found next to the ignition switch to protect the ign..
Breaker - 20 Amp Black
20 Amp Breaker (black button) (Not a switch/breaker) reccomend using the "short breaker cover" to pr..
Breaker - 20 Amp White
20 Amp Breaker  with White button, (not a switch/breaker) reccomend using a "Short breaker cove..
Breaker - 5  Amp Black
5 Amp Breaker - Black button (not a switch/breaker) reccomended to use with a "Short Breaker Cover" ..
Breaker - 7 AMP White
7 AMP Breaker - WHITE button (Not a switch/breaker) Reccomended to use "short breaker cover" to prot..
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