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Fuel System

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Fuel Sender - Reed Switch 8"
FREE STANDARD SHIPPING ON THIS NEW ITEM!! 8" Long - Reed Switch Fuel Sending unit, std. SAE 5 hol..
Fuel Sender - Reed Switch 9"
FREE STANDARD SHIPPING ON THIS NEW ITEM!! 9" Long  - Reed Switch Fuel Sending unit, std. SAE..
Fuel Tank Pick-Up Tube
Fuel tank Pick-up tube assembly for 12" deep tanks, tube can be cut for tanks less than 12" deep. Ac..
Fuel Vent Fitting
Chrome / Zink Fuel vent fitting, Straight, for 5/8" vent hose. Has (2) screened vent hole that need ..
Gas Cap Replacement
Replacement gas cap for many ski boats using the flush cap. Stainless steel w/threaded opening, cap ..
Gas Cap Replacement  - PERKO
PERKO (Name will be on underside of old cap if you have it) Black Plastic replacement gas cap w/o-ri..
Gas Cap Replacement Chain
12" long Stainless steel Heavy Duty Ball Chain with eylets on each end ..
Gas Cap Replacement O-Ring
Common Black Plastic Gas fill caps have a O-Ring for sealing, they typically last 15-20 years, if yo..
Hose - Fuel 3/8"
3/8" A1-15 LOW PERMEATION Fuel Hose, sold by the foot, if you need 11 feet, enter 11 in the qunatity..
Hose - Fuel Fill
Premium Type A2 Fuel Fill Hose 1 1/2" ID designed to handle todays alcohol enhanced gasolines. So..
Hose - Fuel vent 5/8"
5/8" Fuel vent hose that is designed and rated for alcohol enhanced gasoline. Sold by the Inch, w..
Sta-Bil Marine
Marine Sta-Bil 10oz. Bottle , use all season and especially before winter lay-up. Treats up to 100 G..
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