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We are your go to source for traditional ski boat parts, service, and free advice from Industry veteran, Ron Tanis, Tanis Research and Design.

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As of March 1, 2018, we are the newest ACME Prop Dealer


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6/16/20 Love every video Ron puts out. Wealth of knowledge and great for parts. Skiboatpartsonline.c­om gets my business every time. ~ WakesetterVLX

5/16/20 I just wanted to let you guys know we did get the transmission today! We appreciate your prompt service, the price was right and you actually got me the last transmission in the country for  a while so real thankful. Just wanted to thank Tina, Sara, and Ron of course for top-notch service. We hope to be fishing offshore real soon once we mate this tranny up with our new marine power that we got from Louisiana as well. Thanks again and take care. ~ Terry A

 5/13/20 I have no question. Just gotta say how awesome you guys are. The videos, parts, everything. Thanks again. - Ron C.


1/28/20 I want to say how grateful I am for all the assistance I received from Ron and Sara at  I bought an older 19ft Baja inboard ski boat that needed work. I in my research I came across Ron's YouTube videos. These videos are full of great information. I contacted Ron and found him to be extremely helpful with all my questions. This being my first boat means I know very little yet Ron was patient enough to answer all my new guy questions. With his parts and help I have now repaired my waterlogged rotten transom and have gotten all the mechanical parts to get this old boat in the water for this coming spring!  Pete - Atlanta, Georgia

11/4/19 Thank you for your efforts. I would definitely recommend you. Julian K., Germany

8/2/19 Thanks so much. You all have been an absolute pleasures to work with. I appreciate the outstanding customer service Sara has provided. 

Thanks again, Blake W.

7/18/19 - Thanks for all the help. The transmission is back in the boat and I water tested it on Tuesday. Everything appears to be in good Working order. I really appreciate you taking the time to answer my questions. It was a big help. Thanks, Adam Y.

7/15/19 - I love the conversion wiring kit for my Mastercraft 2001 x10. Thanks. Everything looks great and easy to install. Tony P.

6/30/19 - I recently needed several key parts to replace some bent shaft, struts and fins....I had high hopes to get this boat on the water, but was afraid I would lose this year's boating.  Thank you for requesting pictures!  This helped me get the right parts the first time!! Everything showed up and most important, it was all correct! Thank You for all your help, I should be on the water this week!! Everything went smoother than I thought.  The bonus of having training videos from Ron on YouTube was spectacular! Thank you for a speedy recovery! I really appreciate it!!! Keith H.

6/21/19 - Ski Boat Oarts Online is AWESOME!! I have a mostly all original 91' Malibu Euro and had a few questions about strut bearings and a new fuel tank sender. I spoke to the man himself, Ron, who took the time to talk to me on the phone and answer my questions (in detail). I ordered a few parts thereafter from one of the ladies at the shop who was again more than helpful! She was even patient enough to take my credit card # over the phone. AMAZING!!!! Talking to actual business owners who take the time to help customers is a rare thing these days.

If you have a boat and want to do-it-yourself instead of paying crazy boat mechanics rates, call Ski Boat Parts Online. If they can't help, you will be hard pressed to find someone who can.  KR - California

5/20/19 - Ron, thanks a bunch for your service and knowledge and many blessings to you and your friends & family. John, 1983 Mastercraft

5/15/19 - Ordered several parts for my 1988 American Skier DECO addition after watching Ron's restoration of the very boat I bought 3 years ago in NC with only 250 hours and in excellent condition! Not knowing how few of this addition were built (20) the first thing I did was to remove the silly flamingos from the sides that were in perfect shape, and repainting the ''pink'' Corvette red! Watching all the work that went in to Ron's restoration makes me appreciate the remarkable condition of my boat. I am so gratefull to SkiBoatPartsOnline  for making even original parts available for these old boats! The prices for the parts were very good and they will be my go to place for keeping my Vintage DECO on the lake!   Neal Z.

5/14/19 - I appreciate it Ron. Your videos have been such a great help, as well as you part assortment and fast service from your online store. I'm building a 89 Malibu Sunsetter,     Thanks for anything!   Bryce P.

8/16/2018 - Hey Ron, this is Shane H. You helped me through putting my 2007 Malibu Wakesetter LSV 247. Here is a testimonial of my experience:

45 mins into my 4th of July boating trip I slammed the bottom of my boat into a rock that was 8" below the surface of the water. When I got back from that trip with a bent rudder, prop, prop strut, prop shaft, damaged gel coat, etc., I immediately started researching what it would take to put everything back together on my own... a fun little DIY project. I came across the videos that Ron has on You Tube and they were amazingly thorough and educational. The videos gave the information needed to decide if and how I should do the work. Whats better than the videos is Ron himself. If you call and talk to him he will give you the time needed to answer your questions and provide feedback into your specific situation. I ended up buying my prop and tools from him as he makes custom tools for the specific job you are doing. I can't say enough about my experience with Ron and Ski Boat Parts. Ron knows more than Malibu about their own boats. It's impressive. I call him the Dalai Lama of boats!    THANKS AGAIN RON


8/1/2018 - Hi Ron, Finally finished my 84 Mastercraft and thought you’d like to see some pictures You were a huge help in not only parts but your knowledge. Your passion for the older ski boats in unmatched. Thanks again and I’m sure I’ll be buying more stuff in the future!

BTW, my friend just bought an 87 Supra and will be using your company. Thanks Again, Dave E


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